Our project week in Brighton

Seven Sisters
From the 4th March to the 11th March we, the third classes, had a great week in Brighton.  From Munich we flew to London Gatwick, for some of us it even was their first flight. Then we drove to Brighton where our host families picked us up. At their homes we had small rooms and the most of us had good luck with them as they were lovely and let us take part in their lives. For breakfast and dinner they made us taste the English food like Pancakes and Yorkshire Pudding. Now the most of us think that the food there isn’t as bad as everybody says. For lunch we got vouchers for sandwiches, baguettes etc. from our school, the Language Teaching Centre. In the LTC native speakers taught us in small groups, where we learned new words but also had fun. After the five days of school we got a certificate of attendance.

Royal PavillionIn the afternoon we made a lot of activities every day. It was interesting visiting the Royal Pavilion and the Sea Life Centre. Once we had a tour through Brighton, so that we got to know the city and have an idea where to go in our free time, which we had every evening and also one whole afternoon. We could do what we want so of course we went shopping at the Lanes, where creative shops are located, got to the beach and the Brighton Pier or did bowling. Some of us couldn’t get enough from the English kitchen and so we ate Fish and Chips or cupcakes.

Buckingham PalaceWe spent one whole day in London, where we made a sightseeing tour. We got to see all the sights we expected, such as the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. In the end of the tour we made a boat tour on the Thames. After that we had three hours free time until we took the train back to Brighton. On this day it was rainy and really cold. The rest of the week the weather was fortunately better but although, we needed our warm clothes. It was also windy especially at the Seven Sisters, which are chalk cliffs. We had one whole day to explore them and the beach at the end of them. On our three hours walk we made a lot of photos.
We did a lot of things this week, so it was over quickly. On our last day we had to say goodbye to our host families with mixed feelings. We flew back to Munich and went by bus to the HBLW, where our parents have already waited for us.

So as you can see we had a wonderful time in England. But this all isn’t enough to explain how great it was, so as best, you should make this trip yourself.

Daniela Schobersteiner, 3HLC